Whisper of today 06.02.2013

Whisper of today  06.02.2013


Everything is a choice. How you view the world,

the words you say, how you say them, how you

interpret the words of others, how you react or

act, what and how you feel about others, the

thoughts you choose to make, the “mind tape”

you play on your every single day, the understa-

nding you have of life, the visions you carry in

relation to your future, your assessment of your-

self in all the different roles you perform, your

version of truth, right, wrong…all is nothing but

a subjective choice and an opinion, just like this

thought is simply an opinion. But how free is your

choice and how flexible your opinion? How aware

are you whilst making choices for everything and

how far have you been imposed and brainwashed

into carrying certain mind-sets which form now

concrete parts of you? How grounded yet spiritual

do you allow yourself to be whilst being? How much

fear, insecurity or carelessness do you put instead of

your attention, individualism, truth, inner wisdom,

power, love… in order to act out of a free position

reaching unique choices, which are in harmony with

your mind, body and soul, bringing in a three-

dimensional way, your true light into this world!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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