Whisper of today 18.01.2013

Whisper of today 18.01.2013

Mind and soul connection…

If you smile and smile and smileJ, you will

come to see that slowly your body feels lighter

and perhaps your mind may travel to other

times you smiled or laughed hard or to funny

laughter of others…! Laugh!! Laugh Out Loud!

Laugh with all you heart! It is really no coin-

-cidence that laughter and humour has proven

to cure multitude of ills…! When you smile you see

solutions can be found, misunderstandings resolved,

pointless and unnecessary arguments avoided…

internal conflict has less room to stand on and less

chance of surviving for long…Sometimes, when the

world seems grey, when we feel heavy or overwhelmed,

all it takes is one smile J and another one J…just to

lighten up our existence, lift our spirits and remind

our mind that our soul only follows the direction of

our thoughts…! Smile freely, smile silly, laugh without

guilt, be happy without reason, regret or remorse…

Happiness is not something we gain or deserve.

Happiness is something we are if we choose to be.

Always remember! The prettiest people are the ones

who wear their warm heart and a genuine smile!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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