Whisper of today 23.01.2013

Whisper of today  23.01.2013



It seems that the hardest thing to achieve

living in the 21st century is to be free…Most

of us admittedly understand and know of the

word more as a concept…pretty much like

slavery’, something we never truly experienced

but ‘can imagine’…We pronounce the word

Freedom’ with a hidden awe coupled with mild

melancholy and some of us even go to the extent

of realizing that perhaps we more often practice

‘slavery’, in its most refined modern form, rather

than ‘freedom’. Trust and remember that freedom

is not so in the actions than in the soul. When you

are free at heart, it doesn’t quite matter what you

do…Freedom cannot be taken away from you, even

if you are physically confined in a box! Freedom is

how free you allow yourself to feel, how often you let

yourself enjoy, feel happiness, feel nature, feel Eros for

life…it is a vivid feeling we enter this world with, but

which the collective system and our ego in a steady slow

rhythm puts to sleep! Alarm and awaken it! Be free..!!!


Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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