Whisper of today 17.01.2013

Whisper of today 17.01.2013

Reflection of Perfection

When you wake up, before starting your day,

do you ever ponder on the perfection that is

all around? The beauty of a girl’s smile, the

might and skills of a teenage boy, the sweet

loud laughter of a good friend, the wisdom of

a dear old man, the innocence of a child, the

rejuvenating energy of someone special, the

reflection of the sun in the water, the magic

world of books, the freedom of birds, the power

of wild animals, the tenderness of a warm soup,

the lifting effect of a good song, the poise of

knowledge, the delight of dancing, the gratification

of a kind heart, the deep light of sympathy, the

gentle love of compassion…All are blessings present

all around us every day…Make the decision to notice

them, pay attention, remember them…lock them

safely in your heart….carry them with you everywhere!

They’ll reflect a sparkle and add shine to your any day!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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