Whisper of today 16.01.2013

Whisper of today 16.01.2013

We take life ever so seriously and we take ourselves

even more seriously…How often are you tough on

yourself? How often do you lose yourself whilst exploring

how you feel, getting angry and disappointed perhaps

with your own sentimental imbalance and emotional

roller-coaster? In all directions of our lives we expect

ourselves to learner faster, know better, do more, do better,

putting even time limitations upon our goals, taking each

and every role of ours, either as a professional, a partner, a

parent, a friend or as a citizen of our society SO seriously…

and all because we‘ve been convinced through time and

different norms of society and social upbringing, that “it IS a

serious job!!”. Ask yourself: IS it? The minute we realise that

death alone provides ample opportunity for us to realise that

it all one day ends…then perhaps we realize that life and what

happens therein, in fact, cannot be such a serious matter!

Through death we are awakened to step out of the imprisoned

limited idea of what ‘life’ is and at the same time come to

appreciate the gift of life. Without death, life would lose its value.

Feel today gratitude for life and whatever it brings…Don’t have such

high and heavy expectations from it, as life doesn’t expect anything

back from you…it is there calling upon you to simply live it…!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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