Whisper of Today..! 18.12.2012

Whisper of Today..!      18.12.2012

 Peaceful state of being

Meditating and calming down, achieving a peaceful

state of being when alone, has very little to do with

how far you can truly achieve this very same state when

interacting with others. When alone, secluded in a safe

peaceful surrounding, one’s psychology lies solely at the

mercy of himself and has less “interruptions” which can

trigger the mind, the ego, the illusionary ‘self’…The true

exercise of reflection, awareness and essentially meditation

is carried out in the ‘real’ world, at real times, when your

body and spirit will be asking of you to remain calm, yet your

mind, ego and self start to get upset or angry, offended, hurt

annoyed or influenced by the energy around or by what some-

one says or does. Soon after, your meditative serene state

of being is gone and you are reacting, feeling like a victim or

even becoming the aggressor in this ‘real’ situation in the ‘real’

world! Enlightenment is not something we chase, nor something

we sit concentrated, day after day with the hope to achieve…

that only implies a wish and fundamentally a ‘need’…yet another

ego-based demand. Enlightenment is something that you already

are…no matter what you do or say…Dive into the world and its

situations…interact with different people, easy people, difficult

people, calm people…stressed people, knowing that what each

person says/does, only says something about him and how he

chooses to view or live his life…Empathize and embrace others,

never looking down on others, seeing the God inside every single

one of them, respecting their lesson but not taking it in. Inside you,

there is always silence and happiness…it is you who takes life far

too seriously and who places you, in turmoil! Smile…!! Why not?


Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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