Whisper of today 04.01.2013

Whisper of today 04.01.2013

Mind v Spirit…


We most of the time put the tool of ‘mind’ to

work…and the minute we so do, our emotional

world is affected accordingly, depending on the

kind and quality of thoughts made. How often

do we put our tool of ‘heart’ to use and allow its

light and warmth affect our mind and its thoughts?

With the New Year coming, promise yourself that

you will use your spirit and soul more as tools to

your life, allowing your heart to shed light to the

dark playful tool of the mind. We were given both

because of the magic perfection and complete harmo-

ny the two tools create when working together. In

2013 promise yourself to just trust YOU, to treat

you as your own best friend and ally, knowing that

wherever this year takes you is exactly where you‘re

meant to go. Embrace whatever comes along…greet it

with love whilst being aware that all is part of you

and your light is enough to sparkle up this world and

your world! Give yourself respect, space and freedom to

simply be YOU! Give the same to others. Trust…& smile!

Love & light,

Tania Pirilidou

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