Whisper of Today 10.12.2012

Whisper of Today      10.12.2012



How easy is it to give our hearts to people, to the world,

to animals, to whatever each of us likes to call an object

of his love and affection, free of attachment? We under-

stand ‘attachment’ to go as one with the idea of love,

warmth and care. We often describe our connection with

our parents, children, friends, pets as “closely attached”…

How tough would be the task to give all your love, straight

from the bottom of your heart, to all of those that you so

deeply care for, unrestrained by your inner fear and painful

idea of loss? How challenging is the thought of being in a

position to gracefully “wave goodbye” and serenely accept

the physical loss of your loved ones, knowing that their circle

has come to an end and generously showing your compre-

hension and respect towards that? How far can you adore

and express that adoration, unconditional love and devotion

to someone, from a detached position? Understanding that

that very attachment and need to have someone physically

present in our lives has our “ego” at its roots…whereas selfless

love requires no physicality…has no wants and demands…it

peacefully receives all what is given, if and when given, it gives

bigheartedly and is grateful for all the footsteps that loved ones

left on the heart, that will forever be carried forward, no matter

what. Spend no energy on loss or fear of loss…instead direct your

attention on the love you were fortunate to “collect”…letting go

of others with love and gratitude for their gift of entering/being

in your life and offering their part- big or small- it’s always a

treasure to cherish – YOUR treasure!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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