Whisper of Today 04.12.2012

Whisper of Today      04.12.2012


Being first a receiver and then a giver

How often do you take care of your hair? Of your skin?

Your face? We all exercise for the sake of maintaining a

fit healthy body and a good figure…At the same time,

most of us pop down pills or vitamins to nurture and

improve our bodily condition and physique. If only we

input the same amount of effort and care towards our

spiritual world and hearts, the world would undoubtedly

be a better place. Start today placing equal attention to

your soul. Feed it with thoughts of kindness for everyone

but above all, for You. Allow yourself to receive, as most of

us tend to swap from being “pleasers” to the ones we love

and have a soft spot for or just feel intimidated by, to beco-

ming “aggressors” to the ones we can, taking out all the dis-

satisfaction gathered from performing the “pleaser” role…

Find the balance within you so your approach towards others

in your life can become just as balanced. Receive the love

offered to you at every opportunity! Whether it’s by your

loved ones, your friends, your dog/cat or just from nature

itself! Open up and allow yourself to become an exposed

receiver and rest assured that you then become the most

fortified generous giver! You cannot give out from an empty

source, so spoil yourself today and take!!!

Love is the Best vitamin!!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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