Whisper of Today 03.12.2012

Whisper of Today      03.12.2012

Acceptance of our emotions & Love for ourselves

There are days when we may feel inexplicably heavy

or demotivated or just sad, angry… disappointed…

days were we may see no reason to smile and we just

mechanically and cheerlessly get on with our day…

Days we ‘ve just got the blues…Accept those days and

accept yourself in those days…The blues is also a colour…

The blues is what gives value & grace to all other colours

we wear…When wearing the blues, honour them by

embracing their presence…and you’ll see how well they

can be ‘pulled off’ once you stop hating and fighting them!

We hold on to our anger with all our might, ever so tight!

Our ego does not permit us to ‘let go’. Ask yourself which do

you find a harder task? To let go of whatever is troubling you

and dive into your inner silence, refusing to continue poisoning

your body with “negative” feelings OR indulging and sinking

further into them, giving them more substance and significance,

making them bigger and “real”, whilst they are only a phantom,

capable of making one even physically ill? Don’t be afraid or

resentful of your blue days! Wear your blues and Smile! J Trust

that even whilst wearing them, you are still LOVE, you are still in

control…you are still peace and you still look…FANTASTIC!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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