Whisper of today 30.11.2012

Whisper of today      30.11.2012

Expectations and Disappointment


When we think of the future or of an up-and-coming event

or of future engagements, somehow…whether it involves a

joyful event like a trip or whether it is an errand or a job or

simply the weekend, we have high expectations…of ourselves,

of others, of the event itself, of the future itself…This attitude

creates heavy burdens on our shoulders, places a large weight

on our chests and causes a turmoil in our inner world. Take a

deep breath and with that release all your expectations of your

future and your worries on “how well you will perform”, trusting

at the same time that it’s all going to go just as it should… Take

another deep breath and as you exhale realize that the more you

expect of yourself and others, the more you imprison yourself in

fictional illusions of how one ‘should’ act or be or think…missing

the opportunity to truly experience whatever it is that you or others

are doing or thinking at that very current point in time…Allow

events to unfold themselves, naturally…knowing that something

wonderful is about to happen, more so when you give it the chance

to, more so when you are there with your heart and not with your

mind… Enjoy exactly what’s on your plate, and don’t let its pleasure

pass you by, while you spend all your energy looking forward to the

desert. Not only do you miss out on the ‘dish’ in front of you, you

expect so much of the ‘cake’ that’s coming, that it is then you that

created the right scenario for exploring feelings of disappointment.

Enjoy equally the beauty of the rain and don’t devote your mind and

soul on thoughts of the rainbow and the beauty you “expect” it

should” offer!

Even when disappointment comes, deal with it with power and dignity,

just as a powerful mountain unshakably & peacefully responds to bad weather.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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