Whisper of Today 26.11.2012

Whisper of Today        26.11.2012

Blaming others for ‘mishaps’ in our lives, whether it is our

parents, partner, colleagues, or even a person from our past,

is probably the greatest way in which one loses control over

his life and self, convinced however that he “has been a victim

at someone else’s fault”! But pointing the finger at someone

else and stepping into our ‘child shoes’ is giving away our control

to others. Even when we lose control, it is still under our control.

Being a victim is still a role we choose or allow ourselves to play…

It is a choice of not taking charge of our own life, our own actions,

our own emotions…but placing all of that into the hands of someone

else…! Once you are able to stand confidently in your adult shoes,

you will see that there is nothing anyone can say or do that can affect

you unless you decide to allow it to. Comments of others say something

only about them, their emotions, their views – not you!  Once you are

able to give to yourself that free-of-ego respect, unshaken peace, love

and kindness, you will be in a position to respect others and give all that

out. You cannot give what you don’t have, so fill up your own inner

source and ‘basket’ and then offer it out to others around. Allow the ones

who are ready to recognise and embrace what it is you offer, to be offered,

remembering at the same time that those turning down your offer are not

to be judged or blamed, but should be equally respected and treated with

kindness for the unique place they hold in this world and the valuable

difference they are making to it, always having in mind that they are fighting

their own struggle with its own circumstances, experiences and representations.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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