Whisper of today..! 16.11.2012

Whisper of today..!      16.11.2012

When you have good intention, trust that there

can be no right or wrong in whatever you do- the

 importance is the intention behind our actions

and not so much our actions themselves. It’s impo

-rtant to be not to act, because the universal flow

around us cannot read and distinguish between

actions  so that to label them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’-

it can only read the energy and vibes behind one’s

actions and it is the energy of love, forgiveness,

sincerity and kindness which will merit the world

we live in, whilst it is the energy of mal-intention,

judgment, insecurity, fears and dishonesty which

will harm our world. Smile at yourself…at the Sun…

smile at the Rain…become as flexible as the branches

of a tree and as free as the wind…flowing joyfully and

lightly through life, rather than walking it with a heavy

chest, with a polluted mind, a confused spirit, a prete

-ntious language and a cold heart. You will be the first

to ‘win’…and then the world and all others in it!


Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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