Whisper of Today..! 20.11.2012

Whisper of Today..!        20.11.2012

Spreading love is often regarded as a concept suitable

only to dreamers and perhaps…”naïve” people! Doctors

target treating the disease of their patient rather than

treating the person  via building a warm rapport with them,

strengthening their inner world, listening, giving them love

and attention…Similarly, lawyers are more money-orientated

rather than justice-orientated…They don’t look for what is fair

but instead look for finding ways to make it look fair…Artists

have hardened too! They no longer aim to inspire and beautify

our world through their art…they have stopped portraying human

interaction and love in their paintings and instead depict their

anger and frustration with the world, expressing themselves in

this modern “abstract” form…! Teachers too! A once highly-

respected role in society now enjoys very little respect, as few

are those teachers that perform their role as a sacred one, as

a ritual, realizing how truly significant their impact is on the

children of today who will be the people running the world of

tomorrow…! Do not allow this hardened society, its encourage-

ment for ‘power in the hands of the individual’ and its consumerism

-bound ways to eat up your human sensitive side and succeed

in making you hard-hearted and cold, for what greater virtues

can we share with each other and leave behind for our children

and all mankind than Love and Compassion?  Let the spark of your

kindness light up a flame of caring that spreads vastly like fire in

the woods! Dare to show it, even if you think you will be thought

as crazy! Nikos Kazantzakis put it well when he said, “A person

needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and

be free“!Show your love, share your compassion, be ‘crazy’…be Free!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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