Whisper of Today..! 15.11.2012

Whisper of Today..!        15.11.2012

Nothing deserves our attention more than the NOW.

Think of how many times we do things absent-minded,

with our thoughts, senses and emotions flying all over the

place, flying everywhere, except the present moment!

Whether it’s driving in our cars, or talking to our children,

being at work or washing the plates, often we are not really

in the moment and with ourselves in that very moment. We

are either in the past or the future or stuck in thoughts and

feelings all of which have absolutely nothing to do with our

present activity or moment! If we realize that the only thing

we ever truly have is the present moment, which is tangible

yet we manage to make it intangible by our lack of attention to

it, we will realise that years pass by, all made up of millions of

moments which deserve our full attention and mindfulness. The

main thing is to discover life’s secret surprises and hidden beauty

found in its every moment, by paying attention to the density of

the present moment and you whilst in it. Attention is a channel

through which kindness can flow. Honour the Now…Pay attention

to the moment, to you, to others with you, to life…and you will

feel more complete and more alive than ever!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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