Whisper of Today 13.11.2012

Whisper of Today            13.11.2012


People’s age, jobs, roles and responsibilities often

determine their mannerism, way of being and behaving

as well as their general approach to life. Why are you so

convinced that if you wipe out every single aspect of

childlikeness, bubbliness, smile-fullness, “kiddishness”,

you are suddenly a better professional, a better girlfriend/

boyfriend, a better mature citizen to this adult community?

Who said that all those roles cannot be performed with

perfection, if not better, if you manage to keep in the

meanwhile, a young spirit, a free heart, a child-like sponta-

neous nature, a bubbly enthusiasm and even “kiddish”

happy habits? Does that necessarily have to mean that you

are less clever/capable/responsible/professional? Is that so?

Live well, laugh often 🙂 love much – all in the fun, pure and

creative spirit of children, not forgetting that “it is the secret

of a genius, to carry the spirit of childhood into maturity”…

Love, light and bubbles,

Tania Pirilidou


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