Whisper of Today 5.11.2012

Whisper of Today     5.11.2012

How often do you form an opinion on an issue and

how flexible are you to changing it? How tight do you

hold on to your social upbringing and norms, to what

your parents taught you or to what your brain and

mentality has been set to consider as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’?

Have you ever thought that your wrong may be someone’s

right? Or, that there is no right or wrong? Each person is

such an individual mosaic formed of millions of factors that

the human brain is too limited to conceive. People are often

so fixated on ideas, points of view, ways of thinking/acting

that it’s almost impossible to have them look at situations

from a different perspective or at least with an open-mind,

love and acceptance. When asked how flexible or accepting

of others they are, people with a strong conviction say:

ME? VERY!” Is THAT so? We are often hesitant or against

letting our emotions or actions run true and free, as ‘letting

others know what we are experiencing is a weakness, which is

best kept behind curtains’. Stop playing your share in creating a

pretentious world based on fear of judgement! Let loose your

emotions and allow a bridge of truth to connect you with others,

trusting your fellowman is very similar, on stage or backstage,

whether he admits/realizes it or not. Contact with others is vital

but only when it is sincere. Only then it provides the channel through

which kindness can flow, love amongst mankind can travel and

relationships based on truth can manifest.

Love and light,


Tania Pirilidou


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