Whispers of Today 07.11.2012

Whispers of Today  7.11.2012

Life is nothing but the product of our own thoughts,

views, emotions, actions….Our everyday interactions

and contact with people, the class of our thoughts,

the openness of our views, the kindness behind our

words, the love behind our actions, all play their small

role which altogether make up the puzzle of our life

and put altogether shape mankind. What IS life? It is a

chance for all of us to learn, grow and expand our

wisdom, an opportunity to touch each other’s heart-

not to judge each other, hurt one another, compete and

eat each other! Life is a small chapter in a huge book

called “Eternity”, whereby the spirit behind each one of

us exists in a timeless realm…still, silent, perfect and

complete! Treat life as an invitation to offer merit…first to

yourself and then to the world we all live in, remembering

there is no positive or negative energy, it is how we

perceive or label it…in reality…there’s only energy!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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