Whisper of Today..! 02.11.2012

Whisper of Today..!     02.11.2012

Imagine each day you wake up and slowly draw up

the curtains of your window…and in that very same

way and rhythm imagine you also open up bit by bit

your heart….until it is fully open and all its warm light

comes pouring and shining through!! Do you ever do

that? Or do you instead close up your heart and in fact

put a protective shield in front too? Does the thought

of that make you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable,

exposed? Why don’t you try walking around with this

attitude of an open heart spilling its light out all day and

see the difference it makes on you and then the effect it has

on others. Be sure that a kind open heart and generosity

of spirit can achieve so much more and it is in fact the

greatest lesson you are here to learn, if only you dare to!

We were given a heart, not to spend our lives protecting it,

guarding it or hardening it, but rather to enjoy its inherent

nature which is for all of us the same…nothing but compassion,

freedom, tenderness, kindness, love! Don’t be afraid to be

the love that you already are, as that is going against your

own nature and letting your fears, opinion of others, different

roles and social norms beat you and be more important than

the true You!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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