Whisper of Today..! 01.11.2012

Whisper of Today..!     01.11.2012

How often in the day/week/month are you tender

to yourself and how often are you rough? How

often do you forgive yourself for ‘failures’ or for

giving others control over you or the way you feel?

How often do you judge and point a finger at yourself

and how often do you accept yourself and events

just as they are…? How often do you give yourself a

compliment or an appraisal or just the space to be

yourself, free of harsh criticism, guilt feelings and

insecurities? How often do you remind youself that you

are safe and that you are always there for you to make

sure that you never stay rock bottom but instead will find

the power to get up? How often do you give yourself credit,

encouragement and Unconditional Love? Think now how

often do you expect any of that from others? Do you seriously

believe that if you don’t give all that to you, some third person

outside of you will do it first or better or more…? Is that so?

Create a happy place inside yourself, where there is no

space for wrongdoing or rightdoing…and make sure you

meet yourself there everyday, even if it’s just to say a quick

I love you…”!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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