Whisper of Today..!   30.10.2012

We live in the shadow of fear, anxiety, victimhood,

hardship and each day is a direct or indirect battle

with our phobias, insecurities, worries, failures…we

spend very little time under the warm comfort zone

of safety, even less time in the ‘now’ and rarely allow

positive thoughts to enter or accumulate in our system.

Why? Life is not a test to pass, or a battle to fight or a

hardship to persevere…Life is life! So what if things are

not going ‘as planned’’…or if the sun is not now shining?

Without darkness, there would be no light. Start worrying

less, trusting that you will live everything you are meant

to live, knowing that your worries or inner conflicts/battles/

challenges will not make it better or change anything at all.

The only thing you can do is have faith, remembering that if

you succeed in sharing your Love, Kindness and Forgiveness

— you are already a Huge Success!!!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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