whisper of today 29.10.2012

Whisper of Today..!     29.10.2012

Do we even comprehend warmth and its importance?

Do we stop to ponder just how significant warmth

amongst mankind is? All mammals need warmth, love

and touch in order to be balanced and simply okay…

so greet yourself with a warm ‘Good morning’ and see

the difference it makes…give each person a good smile,

grab every small opportunity to be warm to others and

you will see how warm you feel & how beautifully connected

we somehow all are…so much that we are one! One of

people’s greatest phobias is loneliness & aloneness…people

are thus in constant search of factors external to them, be it

other people, countries,  pets, hobbies, to whom they place

all the responsibility, reliance and expectations of killing this

loneliness, whether present or future-related. Take a pause

and fly above it all – above your friends, relationships, your

family, your environment, activities, thoughts- ALL of it- and

see how when none of this is there, there’s only you– in its

peaceful, calm state- no other thing- NOthing! And in that

very nothingness you realise that you are all there is to be…

alone…ALL one! Become your own best friend and then you

never feel ‘lonely’ when alone…In your solitude you will dwell in

solidarity and then you will fear no longer being alone, for the

warmth you long for, will be best provided and emanated from

YOU! Remember that you can be in the biggest of cities, events,

groups of friends and still feel lonely if you don’t look for the

sunshine inside yourself and keep blaming others outside you

for the presence of rain and clouds in your life.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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