Whisper of Today..! 26.10.2012

Whisper of Today..!     26.10.2012

Freedom sounds like an ideal uncatchable

perfect state of being, that perhaps better

matches birds or artists. It sounds like an

idea far from most of us and our daily routines

and often we strongly associate freedom

with the breaking of such routine and the

letting go of responsibilities and perhaps by

abandoning human webs we have nested,

nurtured and build over the years with love and

care, as well as jobs that provide security yet

supposed “dull predictability”, to run away and

give it all up to “discover the world”, convincing

ourselves that “this must be what it’s like to be

free…”.Is it? Ask yourself today what is your

conception and understanding of freedom? Is

freedom not in our hearts and mind, emanating

from within? Is it not a state of being, shown not

by where you are and what you do, but by how you

are or feel being/doing whatever? When you are

truly free, even being in prison cannot stand as an

obstacle to your freedom. Being free is not chasing

after a misjudged idea of freedom…nor is it giving up

responsibilities or a social safety net…Being free is

following your heart. Being free is DARING to follow

your heart. Being free is being honest to you and

allowing that honesty to guide you to where you truly

feel warm and joyful. Being free is not pleasing

others or placing yourself in the victim role, blaming

others for situations you have placed yourself in, for

emotions you allowed yourself to feel, for choices you

have made. Being free is seeing clearly that you have

the control of making you happy and peaceful… it is daring

to say ‘no’ or ‘enough’…setting boundaries and making

choices with 100% of your free will, whilst honouring those

choices with honesty, kindness, love and faith.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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