Whisper of Today..! 24.10.2012

Whisper of Today..!     24.10.2012

Being kind is the essential key…as by being

kind you have the key to honesty, forgiveness,

compassion, understanding, LOVE…Being kind

firstly to yourself and then to others is the Master

Key which opens all doors! If you can be so kind,

so tender, so soft to you, then you will be calm,

peaceful and loving which is ultimately the ideal

position to be in in your dealings with others. Be

kind not because it makes you look good, not

because you are easy-going and weak to stand up

for yourself, not because you want to finally leave

behind your anger and supposed sins…Be kind

for you, for the merit and peace and love it gives to

the depths of your soul to know and feel you helped

someone, you made them smile, you entertained them,

you gave a friend a good advice or just a hand to grasp

or a shoulder to cry on, you told a stranger what you felt

he needed to hear…Be kind for the merit this brings to

this world we live in and rest assured you play a huge role

in making it a better place…Kind acts and thoughts

produce bliss and euphoria whereas ill-thoughts and

nastiness only create harm to one’s inner and outer world.

Give kindness from a position of full strength and power

and give it firstly to you and then to others, remembering

that you can’t give out anything from an empty source.

We are not here to save anyone or anything…however

no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted…

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

Dedicated to Snow, my white deaf cat, who has truly shown, practised and taught me all of that.

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