Whisper of Today..! 19.10.2012

Whisper of Today..!     19.10.2012

Have you ever stopped to realize your own power?

Does that question even strike as odd to you? Stop

for a minute and realize the immense ability people

have to manifest negative thoughts such as “I will

lose this opportunity” “I won’t find love” “I won’t

pass this exam” “I won’t sleep” “I won’t breathe”…

Think of how much energy is actually diverted in that

direction that people turn all these thoughts into their

reality and to them the possibility of succeeding in

something feels almost nil, whereas the minute one

mentions failure or the thought of failure crosses their

mind, that feels like such an easy attainable certainly!!

Imagine the strength behind your voice, your words,

your thoughts…and realize that any thought, any reality

which presupposes your focus, devotion, faith and

attention is actually all shifted and that that very same

strength behind any ‘negative’ thoughts, events and

results actually is injected and put into positive thoughts

and it turns into the strength and energy behind a wonderful

reality with successful results. Whatever issue may be on

your plate then and there…recognize that all the power

behind it and all that faith in it only maintains it there and

all that control can be used and directed to an exact opposite

way…that simple! There’s no other magic other than the

magical YOU! Abracadabra and smile!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou



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