Whisper of Today..! 17.10.2012


Dedicated to my teacher named Wil, who with her will, good intentions and love has shown me the way to see and find God inside each one of us and that the only thing real is the love we each are, which is the strongest tool that humanity can trust and rely upon to transform our world into a beautiful place! I thank her for having the courage to spread this light and love.


Everything in your life has its purpose, its lesson,

its meaning…and everything is an attraction and

a reflection of you. Notice how it is you giving

substance and form to people, experiences, events…

everything! Embrace with an open heart full of

expanding warm light and love everything in your

life…! Look at nature such as the trees, the birds, the

sky, an animal…to remind you of the purity you

are….accepting yourself fully and realizing that only

in accepting yourself fully, you can then accept others

as they are. Give your love openheartedly to you and

others and expect nothing in return…your greatest gift

has already been given, independent even of whether it

has been received or not, and it is there already laying in

your heart- your love and good intentions! J Always

remember that people’s actions/words say something

about them, not you; yet humbly recognise the perfection

in them as well as  the child in them and embrace it,

not by reacting but by acting to it with compassion.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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