Whisper of Today..! 11.10.2012

Whisper of Today..!     11.10.2012

Listen to the music and sweet melody of your

inner body…Pay attention to everything forming

part of your body…your fingers, your skin, your legs…

realize that that’s YOU now and that every single moment

will not come back ever again! Hence take a moment to

greet yourself, to say ‘hello’ to you, ‘good morning’ to you,

good day’ to YOU! Embrace yourself fully, remembering

that little boy or little girl you once were, understanding

that that’s still always inside of you, promising it that in your

adult shoes now, it is nothing but safe and sound…Pay attention

to your intention for the universe listens to that and not to

words or outcomes. Trust that if you intend good, success,

safety, love…it will reward you with all of that! Feed no doubt

or fear to any ‘equation’ and rest assured that the world will do

the math for you! Look beyond people’s harsh comments or

malevolent nature or judgmental attitude, narrow-mindness

or whatever you may feel they portray, as by judging it there is

already your ego there…always keeping in mind that the path

you have walked is different to others and each is struggling with

their own lessons and battles. Never forget that even during rain,

the sun is always somewhere and a rainbow just round the corner! 🙂


Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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