Whisper of today…! 10.10.2012

Whisper of today…!       10.10.2012

Start your day with a pleasant thought…bring

to mind something which makes you laugh…

Laugh! Smile…J Only you can decide to place

a smile on your face, only you can generate a

genuine laugh from the depths of your heart,

only YOU can activate the key to your peace

and happiness. Others are only there to share

happiness with, or share experiences with, they

are not in charge of your joy and definitely not

to be blamed for your misfortunes or feelings

of desperation or sadness. Be in control of your

existence totally…keep calm and rest assured

that “whichever way things may go, they will lead

me to bodily, mental and spiritual balance and

contentment and inevitably all those loved ones

around me”. Happiness is an everyday journey-not

a destination. Happiness doesn’t mean that life is

“problem-free”, it means you’ve decided to look

at the ‘problems’ as ‘lessons’ with true faith in their

solution and value. When you realise there are no

perfections and imperfections…life…JUST as it is…

is P E R F E C T!!


Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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