Whisper of Today..! 09.10.2012

Whisper of Today..!     09.10.2012  

When it feels like you don’t have time for a

pause in your day, or when it feels like your

ears are constantly buzzing as your mind is

filling them up with non-stop messages,

comments and thoughts- then know that it

only takes one split of a second in your busy

day to press the “off” button of that “thought-f.m.”

and your ears can stop buzzing and there can

only be silence…and that very silence is the tranquil

perfection you are. As much as we are not habituated

to doing that, and instead we have been trained to

do things all the time, to do things fast, one after the

other, to the stage where having free time to ourselves

freaks us out as we either regard it as a “waste of time”

in which we feel either bored, depressed or in search of

the next “thing to do”…Challenge yourself in breaking

through that habit of constant work/company/thoughts

and allow yourself to switch off your “thought-generated

radio” and enjoy the silence of your perfect aloneness,

of your perfect self…doing nothing, hearing nothing,

thinking no thing!

Don’t neglect seeing beyond what the eye and mind can.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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