Whisper of Today..! 04.10.2012

Whisper of Today..!     04.10.2012  

Imagine how it feels to put aside in a bag all your

worries, your concerns about the future, your

thoughts about your loved ones, your doubts of

success, your anxieties, your alarms, fears and

distresses…imagine all of those being put aside

so all there is left to feel is the truth you really are…

the love you are…the tranquillity, the silence of

your Soul…Feel how light you then feel and realise

the power your existence carries on this earth,

the difference you make by your breath…and trust

it is ALL taken care of, realizing that worries, concerns,

thoughts of doubt, agony, anxiety, fears and distresses

cannot possibly help a situation or the reality you are living,

but can only distort the view of seeing all that perfection

you are! Look in the mirror or simply look inside yourself

and realise that even the worst of circumstances are only

experiences which, whether with fear and doubt or not, you

still have to face. Fear and doubt will not help or change any

circumstance, but just place you in a psychological turmoil,

keeping you from seeing that you ARE strong enough to

handle it, with your power, trust and love!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou


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