Whisper of today 19.09.2012

Whisper of today..!   19.09.2012

Each individual has been exposed in this life to

millions of factors that go beyond the human

mind and play a role in the shape of his character

and personality. Modern psychology has proven

that when in the mother’s womb, the embryo already

suffers a terrifying traumatic experience, which is why

the mind chooses to erase it from memory, yet no one

can get rid of subconscious ‘left-overs’ of anything one

experiences. Think of each person you see daily or weekly

and try to imagine what they have been through/seen/

understood/misunderstood, what they have been exposed

to from their mother’s womb…to day 1…to today! You can’t!

You can’t even do that for yourself, let alone others. Show

patience to others and forgive their ‘naivety’, ‘inability’…ignore

comments of theirs which you find silly or do not reflect your

truth as they belong to them, and only they know/see things the

way they do. You cannot change the ‘lenses’, mind or lessons

behind each person’s life, neither can you blame them for

seeing/thinking/acting or feeling differently to you. You can

only begin by accepting your own ‘lenses’ and allowing others

to wear their own, and that acceptance will put an end to

unnecessary irritation and blaming others for the way you feel.


Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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