Whisper of today 18.09.2012

Whisper of today..!   18.09.2012


Put your heart, focus, love and spirit into everything

you do…in other words be there with it, truly there!

Trust that what you put love into will turn out a success.

Relax…and even when you fail to understand the bigger

or smaller questions, just enjoy being, feeling, seeing,

witnessing, laughing, living! Laugh! Do not allow your

age, job, roles, and others around you to force the child

spirit out of you! Realise how when people feel odd or

awkward at a child-like spirit or comment of yours, it says

something about them. Dare to be silly and playful,

recognizing that that is also part of you and realizing that

life is not at the end of the day such a serious game…

Have respect for yourself, love yourself and then you will

be in a position to respect and love others, and care not

as to what you actually receive in response.


Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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