Whisper of today 17.09.2012

Whisper of today..!   17.09.2012

 Σήμερα που γιορτάζουν η Αγία Σοφία και οι θυγατέρες της Αγία Πίστη, Αγία Ελπίδα, Αγία Αγάπη. Today which is the day we celebrate Saint Sofia (Wisdom) and her three daughters Saint Hope (Elpida), Saint Faith (Pisti) and Saint Love (Agape)..!


People always look for challenges, for solutions,

for way to make others’ life difficult or others’

life easy…look for interaction with others,

friends, colleagues, partners… thinking and

believing that all of those and a lot more,

is what will ‘teach them a lesson’ and they a

lesson back to others. With that, also comes

the strong attachment to the ‘I’ and to

‘my’ and ‘mine’ and the strong link to expressions

such as “I like” “I dislike”, “I know” “I do not want

to know”…and so on. All of the above are more

than enough to create a distorted misunderstood

world and above all a delusion of who YOU are.

We haven’t come to life to be constantly in conflict

and under challenge with others and within our

different roles; do not be tricked into thinking that

where you create conflict (internal or external),

there lies a challenge and necessarily a growth,

which you ‘must’ undergo. Most importantly-

do not be tricked into thinking you have come to

teach others a lesson, each has to learn on his own…

The real challenge is to see that others and all factors

outside of you are insignificant and that you will

only truly merit yourself and this world by recognizing

that the real challenge is to see that you are your

own challenge! The minute you accept, embrace

forgive and observe with awareness your own self,

all external factors/people/situations truly no longer can

place you in turmoil or can be viewed as ‘challenge’!

Tenderness and kindness to yourself are not signs of

selfishness. Trust that you can only give them to others,

only when you give them to you. Treat each day as a

day of Wisdom (Sofia), Hope (Elpida), Faith (Pisti) and

Love (Agape) and peacefully allow your true magnificent

self to manifest. Life is not a fearful struggle or a constant

battle- it is a short walk with simple pleasures.


Love and light

Tania Pirilidou

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