Whisper of Today 14.09.2012

Whisper of Today..!  14.09.2012

When you feel like it’s a bad day, bad week,

bad month…recognise that there is no bad

or good. Beyond your 5 basic senses,

beyond your human puzzle, beyond your

self-created needs and desires, lies a 6th

sense and rests a perfectly peaceful spirit…

untouched by the need and desire to please

and be pleased. All these misunderstood

needs and supposedly pleasing desires

only feed your ego, yet eventually make you

feel inadequate and place extreme burden

on your shoulders. Life is then made into

a hard journey to walk, but you keep on

walking anyway-heavy-heartedly…satisfying

needs and desires, creating and trapping

yourself into more and more. See clearly the

perfection you truly are- beyond words, roles,

duties, needs, desires and expectations!

Brush them all off from your mind and see how

lightly you can then walk and enjoy the journey

of life!!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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