Whisper of Today 12.09.2012

Whisper of Today..!  12.09.2012

When you feel hurt, disappointed,

angry, upset, frustrated, do not

then feel bad for feeling all of those,

whilst thinking and knowing deep

inside that “you should know better”.

You always know better.

Your Higher Self always instinctively

knows where to guide you.

Your third eye always sees the truth

and love you are.

Yet your human ego puts you through

the process of feeling all those emotions

because you are human after all…

These experiences keep you grounded on

this earth; they keep you understanding and

compassionate when you are in peace yet

some others not; they keep you the spirit you

are, yet allow you to live truly this human life….

Hence, embrace those emotions whenever

they come up, accept them and forgive

yourself for “failing” or for giving others

outside of you so much importance and for

falling into the trap of “guilt” thereafter…

Forgive YOU! Forgive it all, even when you

think “oh but I mustn’t ignore it- I mustn’t

let go as it’s so important!” Is it? Is it so?

Remind yourself that even at your angriest

moment- you are still an enlightened being!

Release the expectations you have from others,

from yourself, from your future…and your true

light will surely shine through!

Love and light

Tania Pirilidou

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