Whisper of Today..! 11.09.2012

Whisper of Today..!     11.09.2012

We perceive others as our social upbringing,

personal experience and ego allows us to.

We view and judge them as ‘nice’ or ‘not so nice’,

as ‘boring’ or as ‘fun’, as ‘kind’ or as ‘evil’, but we

forget that thousands of layers of different factors

which go beyond the human imagination have

contributed and play a role in what that person

believes in and how he/she reacts.

For you to have attracted and placed any person

in your life…the ‘super nice’ and the ‘super evil’ is

no coincidence. It is a chance to experiment on how

you perceive and learn to act- not react- to both.

It is because a part of you understands both sides and

thus a chance to see that both sides are equally human

and possible, yet both are perfect, whole and complete.

Be with others and be open to their differences from you.

Allow them to be. Accept those differences and be grateful

for them, for the lesson they provide and for the knowledge

they bring to this world, showing respect to the path they walk.

Love and light

Tania Pirilidou


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