Whisper of Today 21.09.2012

Whisper of Today..!     21.09.2012  

When you truly see, even for a split of a second

before your mind rushes back into “reality”, routine,

responsibilities and whatever is so serious and

currently on your plate, that you are in charge of

feeling happy, sad or neutral, you will see how

everything matters yet nothing truly matters. Travel

back to your teenage years, when deep inside it

always felt like anything was too unimportant to upset

you, because you were still young…and the impact of a

“mistake”, of a relationship gone-bad, of a bad grade,

mattered only in the shallow sense, since we all felt

deep inside that the “real life hasn’t still started” and

that was only the warming pre-run! Then we grow up

and life becomes so serious!!Every move matters, every

decision, every mistake, every friend, every comment,

yesterday, today, tomorrow..! Why? What has happened

to make us take everything in life and life itself suddenly

so seriously? Responsibilities may have increased, hours

in the day may seem less, expectations more…but it is

only because the more time you spend here in this world,

the more you can handle, thus the more you are given to

handle. Trust that whatever is on your plate is tailor-made

to your needs for growth and you can handle it! Remove

any doubt, expectations, worries and concerns and say

‘I don’t care how it goes in the end…I care what I gain from

it and how I walk it in the meanwhile!’. Whilst walking life,

have fun and know that when acting with a good intention,

right from the heart, there is no wrong or right, there’s only

YOU…in your purest form! Dare to live your life in the spirit of

a 15-year-old, and trust that your developed skills and abilities

alone can handle your present demands!

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou

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