A poem for my daughters on a summer night

You are the heart within my heart, I love and respect you right from the start.

You are mine but mostly you are yours.

Your fears I wish to reduce, your gifts and aspirations I pray you never lose.

I’ll parent you as long as you are a child, your closest friend I wish to be, if I am ever blessed to see, your full-grown adult side.

With you I connect today to build a bridge of trust for tomorrow. With you I aim to bond, and your purest you is who I am deeply fond.

For now I will guide and protect you, for later I will support and positively affect you.

I never wish to mould you into a someone that I dream, whatever you choose I pray we are always still a team.

With you I want to talk over some tea or wine, to hear the dreams and passions of the generation next in line.

I’ll be all ears I promise, to listen if anything ever makes you sad, I’ll share my words of wisdom, perhaps even a laugh, reminding you that life need never be so hard.

You have my love, my back and admiration today, in fact you’ll have these whatever you choose on any given day.

A good heart, kindness and a smile is all I’d want to see, to feel content, proud and pleased, for all the rest you are free.

The more you express yourself the happier I’ll be, for sweetheart we ‘ve come to this earth for our true authentic selves to be.

To me you never have to defend yourself, explain yourself or fight, all I want to see is your beautiful light shine bright.

I may be older but from you I’m also learning too, always know and remember, what’s best for you it is YOU who feels and YOU who can pursue.

To me know you can always ran and view me as your safest heaven here on earth, yet I pray you march to the beat of your own drum and know your own worth.

For no matter how much I give and offer you, these can never be or thank you enough, for the transcendent experience and great love you brought to me and your dad.

And though the umbilical cord’s been cut, you’ll forever be the heart within my heart.

Love and light,


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