Cover her in sunshine!

May you always walk and play at your own rhythm,

May you always march to the beat of your own drum,

May you always be profoundly strong yet deeply kind,

May that be your superpower and what keeps your world sane, simple and so true.

May you have lovely garden parties and quiet outdoor afternoons,

The gift of real warm friendship, the wisdom to enjoy your alone time too.

May you live nice adventures by the sea or the mountains,

May you enjoy amazing sunrises and sunsets too…

May you keep a young spirit forever and why not your cute little pony tails too!?

May you view life as a playground and treat it with humour and no taboo.

May you realize soon in life that you are not the victim nor the hero, just endless potential, love and light!

May your heart be mostly covered in sunshine and may your eyes’ glimpse maintain its sweet sparkle too!

Oh honey, I LOVEEE YOU!

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