Happy 1st Birthday!

It’s your first birthday! The most special birthday of all!

My little gem, my cheeky bubble, my girlie, apple of my eye.

Before you I didn’t know I could adore another as unconditionally as your older sister, I wasn’t sure I could defend someone else so vehemently against all odds, I wasn’t certain all that intense magic could happen a second time round…and though, nothing replaces the initial overwhelming emotion which shocks your entire existence so profoundly when you become a parent for the first time, I, as an already/ready mother, swear I couldn’t love you more!

My little rainbow…you were born into a world of uncertainty and you kept us both sane and strong, you filled our hearts with love every day! You ‘ve shifted us from what felt more like a parents dynamic into a family one all in a day… and though with you came some domestic chaos, you somehow managed to bring peace and balance into our home; you’ve made us a team.

And whereas my firstborn granted me with the most invaluable lesson of putting my ego aside, you granted me with an equally invaluable lesson, that of putting my soul’s truth at the forefront.

Giving birth to you made me more wise and free, more complete; suddenly it was like my heart’s torch truly lit! Today you turn 1 and I thank you from the deepest depths of my soul for coming to me one year ago today, my sweetheart, my baby-doll!

Thank you for the privilege of sharing your time here on earth with me, thank you for the honour of being your mum. I pray I stand up to this sacred special role. As I breastfed you early morning on the rocking chair of your room, tears of gratitude ran down my cheeks; holding you was like holding heaven in my arms!

My Aloe! May you learn how to fly to find your favourite views in life and make time only for those things that make your heart calm and your face beam! Happy birthday my angel! Health, Love, Grace & Kindness to you above all!

“Lolo”, “Lolaki”, “Loulounga” mas…we love you we love you we love you, SO SO much and we still can’t believe you are already 1 and most of all, we still can’t believe we get to call you “ours”!

Yours forever and a day,

Mama 😘

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