Whisper of today 30.03.21

Each time I catch myself feeling guilt or neglecting self-care I remind myself of the above simple truth. Everything is a representation; how can I wish for my child to love herself, to stand calmly in her own shade and light, to be herself’s most loving and caring friend, to follow her truth and to be the best advocate of her dreams and true purpose, if she doesn’t see me doing any of that?! Truth is we best be role models before we can be wise guides, teachers and parents. So don’t pray for it, go for it! Don’t dream it for your child, show it to your child. Living by example is bound to have much better results than trying to preach.

As with everyone, even more so for a child, instruction is good but example is far better. By offering grace, voice and respect to myself, my kids are in a better position to do the same. By taking good care of you, you can reflect what you desire and mirror what you aspire.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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