Whisper of today 24.02.22

We are often easily overtaken by some inner thoughts and convictions, some dialogues we have going on with our inner self long enough to become who we believe to be our true selves and which we are certain make sense or stem from deep wisdom. But how wise are we when we impose or force upon others or apply those very wisdoms upon a separate soul or upon foreign to us scenarios and circumstances? True wisdom lies in not imposing our own deeply believed wisdom upon others. True wisdom provides space, provides room…room for another way, room for another solution, respect enough for the other to figure out their own solution and what to them feels wrong or right…for far beyond ideas of wrongdoing or rightdoing, there’s a field…and in that field “Real Wisdom” lies. Let’s all meet there. Let’s all really be truly wise.

Love and light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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