Happy 4 months!

My little darling,

Thank you for bearing with all our running around, our busy rhythms and crazy schedules…

Thank you for always happily tagging along and not making it any harder for us, as you very well had the right to, being a newborn baby…

Thank you for generously smiling bright and mumbling sweet baby talk each time I make eye contact or grab an opportunity for a chat with you…

Thank you for the heart-capturing sparkle in your eyes each time you smile and that extraordinary ‘calm excitement’ they carry through..!

Thank you for brightening up my day, for calming me down and rooting me to today…

Thank you for your scent, oh-my-god, world’s most amazing scent, so blessed I get to sniff you throughout my night and day…

Thank you for looking at me with eyes that only ever say “You are so special”. “I have eyes JUST for you!” “You make me peaceful and complete.” “I LOVE you!”

Thank you for your saliva-drooling kisses – the best kisses I ever had!😘

Thank you for all the times I prayed for you, for the gift I beheld each time I held you, for all the times I nursed you and hugged you and felt that motherly goodness in my blood…

A million “thank you”s for all the above and for the chance to love you, above all…

And yet one “please” from me with humility if I may ask….please please please my baby, please stop growing up so fast.

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