International Parents’ Day

1st June: International Parents’ Day

Giving our children the opportunity to be their unique essence, whilst accepting and promoting their individual authenticity to shine through, is one of the most precious and generous gift we can give to them and to this world for the enlightened habitants we will present it with; yet it is at the same time a deeply real gift to us as that very authentic light of our children and the spirit-to-spirit, human-to-human relationship enjoyed between parent and child acts as a bright torch to our own authenticity and true purpose.

So, though we may be convinced that it is parents holding the power to raise and guide children, as a parent myself, I take this day as an opportunity to remind myself that, contrary to public opinion, it is our children that actually hold the power to raise and guide us. Parenting, when done consciously, can be one of the most spiritual metamorphosis processes and children, when being respected, accepted and adored for who they intrinsically are, can be the greatest life awakeners.

Since children are our own reflection, it is so vital for parents to attune into their own being before their children can follow in on that example. But the rare beauty of parenting is that if we are too lost in adulthood to know where to even start from in finding our true essence, allowing our children the space to do so, all we then have to do is follow their lead as they begin to show us the way into increased awareness and higher consciousness.

Step-by-step, moment-by-moment the paths which our children take us along, witnessing first hand our own unconsciousness and centuries-old conditioning, they inevitably progress us into consciousness and bring us closer to our unlimited potential.

I had the blessing of having amazing parents, who gifted me with life and didn’t fall into the common trap of sucking my life purpose out of me. They didn’t fumble with my essence too much to crumble my spirit. They may at times stumbled with it slightly, never out of lack of love but perhaps a lack of consciousness in certain fields, but for the majority of the time, they let me shine through to the best of my abilities and their knowledge. Taking into account what they themselves perhaps received or lived, they gave me no more no less of what I needed to be precisely where I am today: curious and thirsty, in a fluid state, riding life’s flow mostly in delight, learning and growing, wise enough to understand that there’s no one responsible to make you happy other than yourself. My heart deep down knows that even their few “shortcomings” were subconsciously acts of sacrifice for me to thrive to achieve the contrary, to aim at being the “improved version” or merely to see that imperfection is also okay and how I can be perfectly comfortable with having my own flaws, as being always right is yet another rigidity of the ego.

Through tangible living proof my parents gave me grand lessons of magnificent virtues; and not just as a halfway overview of them but all the way down to their deepest spot and grace: honesty all the way, loyalty all the way, compassion all the way, caring all the way, power all the way, intelligence all the way, respect all the way, humility all the way! And love; oh my goodness so much love…love coming from a source so deep, so wise, generous and kind, offered unconditionally, so strongly, gently and loudly all at once!! It has fed and stills feeds my soul so well that it can hide and heal any of their or my imperfections put together. Above all, my parents made sure I grew up certain and fully aware that who I am is worthy and worthy of celebration! For that and for so much more today I thank you publicly and in writing mum and dad, for in private and in my heart I thank you every day.💕

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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