Whisper of today 05.11.2018


What is it about children’s play that feels so rejuvenating and exciting to join!? Is it because whilst entering their world we enter their energy too? Is it the fact that they effortlessly trick you into focusing on their game, devoting your full attention to their play and through that mindful ritual a nowness starts to sink in without us noticing or knowingly so choosing? Is it that it carves the path to their beautiful minds and wild imagination? That it creates a doorway to their little big hearts? Could it be that through play with kids we rediscover the magic which surrounds us? Is it that being ridiculous, absurd and silly can sometimes feel like the most liberating thing to do? Could it be their ego-less honesty and raw mask-less interaction that transcends normal human dealings to new levels of being? Is it because “play” inherently carries a bouncy attitude and invites or means the absence of stress, that for a little while our body pauses from excreting or absorbing its toxic? Though I know there is no one answer, I know for a fact that during play with children my heart whistles happy tunes whilst my soul receives the most tender the most wonderful and lightful whispers of all!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou Karatsi

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