A good teacher is a great blessing!

tania and wil

The times I’ve opened this piece of document and the times I’ve thought of it reached a ridiculous amount and then I remembered her words, one of the first she taught me, or perhaps best to use the term, reminded me of, as our Higher Self always knows – “there is nothing you can do or say that is wrong as there is no right or wrong…so long as your intentions behind it are good and pure.” (simultaneously I was also reminded that even a “bad” intention or trait could never be “bad” as it provided the underlying base or a strong basis of a lesson for an understanding of its extreme opposite, as we say the other side of the coin but that’s not for now). So here it is, with the right or wrong words, a long overdue dedication stemming from my best and purest of intentions, offered with love and decorated with a big bow of eternal gratitude to the person who was, is and always will be my brightest torch in my path of wisdom and enlightenment – Wilhelmina (Wil) De Boer Dekker.

My search for self-evolvement started from a young age rooted at a deep conviction that the part of the human that feels and experiences countless emotions and primarily boundless love, compassion and ultimately connection with all, does not end and cannot end at the end of the physical functioning of the body. I was always brought to the same dead-end type of questioning “where does the thing that loves, cares, feels, hurts, shares, fears, respects…the thing that developed such meanings in so many languages and manners and understood them and put them in practice in the first place, go at the time when something causes the body to cease to function or exist?” This question repeated itself for years, not just in my brain but in my whole entire system of existence and I was often caught by sincere surprise to discover that for some others it wasn’t even a matter to cross the mind, let alone be so skeptical over.

Sooner than later the questioning came to an end; I felt persuaded that there’s something there beyond our physical body, a certain inexplicable exhilarating intangible magic peeping from behind our very existence in this planet, underlying the very circle of life, the whole concept of us humans, hidden in the deep complexity of sentiments shared between us but also in the things we take heavily for granted like our breath, the air, the wind, nature, birth, death! The whole circle of life became a concept humans pretty much accepted when explained admittedly so well, through science or in the best case scenario located to faith, the face of God or the idea of religion, yet we didn’t seem to truly stop and contemplate JUST HOW AMAZING, HOW UNBELIEVABLE, HOW BIZARRE AND HOW EXTRAORDINARY WE ACTUALLY ARE! We all know somehow that even science goes as far back as possible and still it reaches a place where there is that dead-end, where one merely surrenders and speculates this form of endless potential, of a creator, of a seed which is even to scientists unknown and which we in human words, chose to give it the name “God”. With streams of thoughts along this line, I soon became quite adamant that our spirit cannot just evaporate and end eternally with the breakdown of the body and determined to find out “answers” and develop an understanding to it, which would come not filtered through the mind but through the soul, I enhanced upon an interesting journey, when the death of a most loving friend and incredible person Dr. Yiota Demetriou, led me to a magnanimous, altruistic, multi-sensory spiritual teacher, who both professional-wise and vibrational-wise is on a respectful particularly high level.

Wil’s teachings, kind soul and intelligent comprehension of the Universe revealed and brought me so close to her and importantly closer to myself and Life’s great truths. You will find this great teacher discretely and gently veiled behind my words and writings, as Wil, a renounced counselor (and so many other titles which are deemed superfluous human decorative labels right now as the heart speaks), was a key source of inspiration for them as well as my journey the last decade, and I will forever be in respect and deep gratitude for her and all that she has so open-handedly and open-heartedly shared with me in such a subtle, tender, powerful and divine, grounding, wise, truly humble and intelligent way. To me she will always and forever signify a prime example and living proof of a person who truly practices what she preaches, allowing her spirit to camouflage perfectly in its efforts with human alignment; of a being who inspires not by being perfect but by how she deals with her human imperfection and accepts human flaws; of an individual who grounds and lands gracefully her butterfly soul into this human world, in perfect harmony with this cosmos as well as the eternal divinity from where we emanate.

Human words appear too flat to express our connection, accompanied always with honest and kind intentions. Soon, building a student-teacher, mother-daughter, friend-to-friend kind of relationship seemed like the most inevitable natural course of events and an effortless happening, yet today even those human categories feel rather rigid and restrictive to define the love and humble appreciation shared and reciprocated. Mentioning her on my site publicly whilst aiming to express my heart’s whispers for her is nothing but a small “human” way of articulating my recognition for who she is, for what she has given me and for what she endlessly continues to give, represent, resemble and provide to this world and to me, simply by being who she is and energizing this world with her benevolent, authentic light and bright smile.

Amongst the many things we discussed together over the years, I wish to make one of the first things that struck me then the most and I will always carry with me: it only takes one candle to light up a whole dark room where as a little spot in light is most probably not even visible! Conclusion: light is always stronger than darkness and the slightest of light can always still be seen and always makes a difference! Thank you Wil mou, from the deepest depths of my existence, for your vibrating light but also for teaching me how to find my own light, to get in touch with it, to see it in me so I can have the tools and method to see it in others and appreciate its importance for myself and the world we are in.

You are such a wonderful teacher in guiding me to my own answers and supporting me as a fairy godmother throughout. You conveyed in ways which are mind-blowing to me until this very day, how important it is to forgive myself when I give away my control and fail to love or take care of myself as much as I ought to, how significant it is to see the God inside of me but also inside of everyone with no exceptions, how all acts are spiritual acts and are aimed at the higher good, how to love all sides of myself as well as my fellow humans…all their sentiments, actions and reactions and how vital it is to embrace all kinds of raw, ugly or beautiful, human experiences and emotional states and colours produced in our auras as a result, with a light sense of happiness and an attitude of gratitude, realizing that we are here after all to experience all of that and that on its own is magic and the essence of a human life’s journey.

True heaven is here on earth, where pain gives meaning to happiness, fear gives substance to security and safety, anger brings calmness, cold grants essence to the warm sunshine, rain introduces rainbows, bad odours give value to mesmerizing aromas, parents meet unconditional love, loving partners and true friends provide the safety ground to unmask our every side, great teachers offer and pass on information from their heart, conscious students receive with sincere appreciation and hearts cross path and exchange and interchange and love!!!!! Oh my! So much beauty, I can’t even close my eyes!!

Eternally with love,

Tania 🙂


To see part of Wil’s work, you may visit her site by pressing the below link:



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