Seeing eye to eye

seeing eye to eye

Sometimes, as I rock my baby, I like to ask my ego to step aside and my higher self to come forward. I respectfully ask the same from my daughter. And there all roles and mother-daughter and various other dynamics and age differences cease entirely to exist…

There, our souls meet; and it feels so incredible! We are equal, we are one – neither of us knows more or better, less or worse. There, our souls waltz..! Right there, there’s a peace, a deep sharing of gratitude, of understanding, of gracious interflowing.

I visualise a glorious calm dance of two misty auras blending into one. I am awed: Two old souls…two wise souls with empathy and good intentions to give their very best, determined to be their own inspiration, their own source of love. I stay in that moment for a conscious breath. And when I look down, my baby’s already asleep.

You see, we see ‘eye to eye’ better when we see ‘soul to soul’.

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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