Read and listen to your children with all your wisdom, all your heart and all your soul… 13.10.2016


Each of us has come to this world with or for their own purpose, carrying their own torch of awareness, their own compass of understanding…Undeniably parents play a huge role in laying down a personality foundation, in teaching what they believe to be the current “norms and rules of the human society” and providing vital guidance. But the more we come closer to the idea that each person is undoubtedly unique, the more this supports the idea that each person should be viewed as so, treated as so and respected as so. Expecting our children to become replicas of ourselves, or even with the adding pressure of becoming “better” replicas of ourselves is probably the most underestimated form of damage that most parents end up causing to their children and are in fact mostly so blinded and unaware as to the veracity and truth of such harm that they are convinced believers that “it is the best thing they could wish upon them” and in fact proudly state that “it is for their own good”.

Of course in these cases parents always mean well and merely choose, perhaps what has proven to be a rather successful recipe for them, also for their children, believing that this will grant their kids the same prosperity, satisfaction and security it has granted them; yet behind these finest intentions underlying their wishes and prayers lies their own insecurity and limited view of ‘what is’ and sometimes even combined with an arrogance, if I may dare say, that by virtue of a greater age or as a result of their countless offerings they then carry an inherent knowledge of what action or route should best be taken by their child. To treat such attitude as correct is absurd, as what was once right for them cannot in the least mean that it forms an integral part of the special higher purpose their child has come to serve, nor does having all the love in the world for them mean having all the answers to their dreams and aspirations. Conveying direct or indirect resistance or standing in the way of children’s true path results in a simple deprivation from the warm embrace of being viewed as ‘an entirely independent seed of potential’ which in turn allows them to align to the flow of life, free of any hurdles, with gratitude and faith to what was, is and shall be offered to them from you as well as life ahead.

Which more liberating and pure form of love can we consider than that which provides boundless acceptance and dignified respect towards our unique child, his/her traits, talents, wants, beliefs, choices and abilities? And what better lesson could a parent give to his child than the holding of a noble stance of subtle freedom indicative of such a discrete elevation of spirit, character and existence? And how much more creative, full of curiosity, intense yet at the same time calm would the life of that child be, having been raised, surrounded and generously gifted with that spirit of wise acceptance integrated in the core of the family principles established by his very own two chosen parents?

If domestically love exists and is offered in this discrete uncontaminated form, then you may rest assured that as adults of tomorrow these children shall be treating all other fellow humans with the same amount of freedom, understanding, ethos, love and respect as the one they’ve been shown, all emanating from a deep deep place inside, as this was once well-rooted there and nurtured from two very wise, loving intelligent individuals, whose unconditional love for their child made them fully cognizant of the fact that their child has his/her own soul of awareness and his/her own path of enlightenment to walk. Make sure that over the years and tough tasks of being a working person and a parent you don’t neglect or forget your wisdom but instead supply yourselves constantly with boundless love so you may then be in a position to deliver this to your children, keeping in mind always the fundamental principle of “we can’t give out to others what we can’t give to ourselves”. Children will then responsibly transmit the same in this cosmos, since when the kids of today are happier, adults of tomorrow are healthier and the overall world we live in then becomes…a better place!

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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