Whisper of Today 10.10.2016


So you wonder why you are stuck in the grey and what good can come out of it too yet I’d answer this pondering with a question: Can one seriously appreciate or evaluate “colourhood” unless they experience “greyhood” too? Consider if you can honestly feel much compassion towards your fellow human who’s relaying to you his grey phase unless you have been through some yourself. Having once swam in the deep grey waters you are then really in a position to remember what it felt like and truly relate. It’s no coincidence that a single mum feels understood by another single mum, a pregnant woman wishes to share her stories with another recently-made mother. A person suffering from one disease feels like he talks out his pain best with somebody who’s suffered from something similar. And so on and on…For hard as we may try to understand and relate to something, studying about it or aiming so with our best intentions is sometimes not enough and the best, if not the sole, channel to get there is what we would simply call ‘experiencing it first-hand’. Surely blue skies are oh-so-gorgeous and absolutely meaningful too, yet grey skies have their dark beauty and hide a sacred purpose too. So if you are feeling grey or blue, gift yourself a moment of comfort and relief at the thought that in “the book about humans” “greyhood” is a definite and essential chapter too and trust that if you have been brave enough to reach it, you are most definitely brave enough to finish it too, merely sometimes revisiting some of its pages, if you judge you so need to do!

Love & Light,

Tania Pirilidou


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