Whisper of Today 03.10.2016


We make room in our day to of course feed ourselves, we create an opportunity to take a bath, we most certainly find the time to do our work and we manage to make some time to attend an exercise class and even to browse a bit on facebook. But do we make some room for tranquillity? Do we create an opportunity to listen to the silent wave of power underlying our every breath? Do we find the time to retrieve to or notice the beauty of this earth? Do we make time to share a sweet word or a nice thought with someone important or even not-so-important to us? Will running a rat-race and gathering triumphs and medals on a shelf ever be of any real substance when we haven’t stopped to reflect on the journey which has led to them, consider the insight we have gained as a result and count our blessings? Will achieving anything in the realms of mankind truly mean something if at the end of each of our life voyage we haven’t experienced or taken in what it really means to be human? Love is present in whatever you do. What’s missing is either your faith in it or your time to connect with it…

Make time for love, it’s the only thing which is real whilst you are here and when you are gone.

Love and Light,

Tania Pirilidou

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